Tripura literacy rate

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Agartala is the capital city of Tripura state. There are many colleges and universities in Tripura, which provides better opportunity to students for pursuing engineering courses. As per the 2011 census, the overall literacy rate of the people of Tripura is 87.75 percent. Here we have listed the Top Engineering Colleges in Tripura 2016. Feb 05, 2018 · Though the small state has its own problems, it has achieved over 95 per cent literacy rate, producing surplus electricity, reach of basic health care system and primary education to the remotest areas are the plus points. Tripura in fact supplies electricity to Bangladesh. The state stands second after Kerala in production of rubber. TUI, Vol.-2, No.3, 1994, pp. 25-40. 2 matter of grave concern that Tripura is yet to achieve a breakthrough in this regard. Comparison of literacy rate of India with that of Tripura revealed that ... Education in Tripura, a state in Northeast India, is provided by both the public sector and the private sector.On 8 September 2013, the literacy rate of Tripura was declared to be 94.65%, which is the highest among all states of India. List of Districts in Tripura as per Census 2011. List of districts of Tripura with Population, Sex Ratio and Literacy rate as per the Census 2011 data. Tripura is further divided into number of districts which are administrative divisions in state. # Sep 08, 2018 · Tripura’s drug menace was bigger than Punjab’s: Biplab Deb "Ending the drug menace in Tripura and stopping atrocities against women are two big achievements of our 6-month old government," Biplab Deb said. Aug 26, 2017 · The sex proportion of Tripura is 961 females for each 1000 males and it is higher than the national average of about 940. The population density is 350 persons per square kilometre. The literacy rate in 2011 was 87.75%, which is higher when contrasted with the national average of India at 74.04% and third best among all the other states. INTEL: As part of the National Digital Literacy Mission, the government has decided to make one per family e-literate and Intel is one of the ecosystem players. DEF: Ten years back, Digital Empowerment Foundation was founded to uplift the downtrodden and to create economic and commercial viability using Information Communication and Technology ... Female literacy rate in Tripura is 83.15 percent against the male literacy rate of 92.18 percent. The chief minister said the monetary assistance from banks or financial institutions for a self-employment project called "Swavalamban" has been doubled to Rs.50,000 from the earlier Rs.25,000. As per the recent report, Tripura state has got a literacy rate of 73.66%. This is a wonderful figure as other states in India are still lagging behind. The literacy ratio is also a contribution of Tripura Education Board. (HDI), namely, literacy and school-ing, life expectancy, and per capita income. Literacy Literacy and education are intrinsic to human development. Tripura made substantial progress in the ex-pansion of literacy and schooling in the 1990s. In 2001, the literacy rate for persons above the age of 6 years was 73 per cent in Tripura, 63 per Provides the complete state profile of Tripura India has the largest illiterate population in the world. The literacy rate of India as per 2011 Population Census is 74.04%, with male literacy rate at 82.14% and female at 65.46%. Kerala has the highest literacy rate at 93.9%, Lakshadweep (92.3%) is on the second position and Mizoram (91.6%) is on third. Tripura has one of the highest female literacy rates in India (89.5%), earning it the State Decadal Award for literacy, 2001-2011. Majority of married women in the state participate in household decisions (91.7%)–better than the national average (84%), and third best among 10 states analysed. Tripura topples Kerala (Source- The Times of India) Posted on September 10, 2013 by manishankarscribbles Tripura beats Kerala in literacy According to the 2011 census, literacy level is 93.91 per cent in Kerala and 91.58 per cent in Mizoram, among the most literate states in the country. List of Districts in Tripura as per Census 2011. List of districts of Tripura with Population, Sex Ratio and Literacy rate as per the Census 2011 data. Tripura is further divided into number of districts which are administrative divisions in state. # Of Tripura’s 38 lakh population, 18.7 percent are unemployed. This, despite the state having a literacy rate of over 94 percent. Literacy rate in Tripura has seen upward trend and is 87.22 percent as per 2011 population census. Of that, male literacy stands at 91.53 percent while female literacy is at 78.98 percent. In 2001, literacy rate in Tripura stood at 73.19 percent of which male and female were 82.42 percent and 64.33 percent literate respectively. Mar 03, 2018 · Tripura has a literacy rate of 87.8% and is the fifth-most literate state in the country as per the 2011 Census. The state’s sex ratio, at 960 females per 1,000 males, is above the national average of 942. Get Information of Tripura State Online.also find History Geography, Economy, Culture, Festivals, Profile, Districts, Recipes, Government Info, Parliament Constituencies and Assembly Constituencies of Tripura. Within its small geographical area, Tripura offers plenty of opportunities for students from both within and outside the state. The state s literacy rate figures 73.66% according to 2001 census report. The education system of Tripura follows the conventional education policies to get the highest possible results in primary and secondary education. As of 2001 census, almost two-thirds of India’s population is now literate, the male literacy rate has risen to three-fourths while females literacy rate at 54.2 percent indicates that more than half the female population in the country is now literate, that is, has the ability to read and write with understanding. "It came to our notice that many of the students studying in up to Class-IX were unable to do simple mathematics but the literacy rate was high. The persons responsible for such scenario should feel ashamed. Now, the state government is taking all necessary steps to ensure quality education," Deb said. Find the Best Rate for Gold Loan Teliamura. Compare Gold Loan offers across Banks in Teliamura. Just Apply Online / Call 9592046860. Demography Of Tripura. At 350, Tripura is the most densely populated among the North Eastern states. 81 percent of the population resides in rural areas. As of Census 2011, the literacy rate of Tripura is 88 per cent. About 60 per cent of the population in Tripura is in the working-age group (15 to 59 years). Oct 22, 2009 · Asked in Jobs & Education, Bihar, Tripura, Patna ... According to Census 2011, Bihar has the lowest literacy rate which is 63.8% and the highest literacy rate is in Kerela which is 93.9%. Literacy Rate - South Tripura district The total literacy rate of South Tripura district was 84.66% in 2011 which is less than average literacy rate 87.22% of Tripura. Population-wise, out of total 646,810 literates, males were 351,082 while females were 295,728. Apr 12, 2013 · According to the 2001 census, Tripura was the 12th most literate state in India with 73.19 percent literacy and the second most literate state in the northeast region after Mizoram, where the literacy rate was 88.80 percent. As per the provisional data for the 2011 census, literacy level is 91.58 percent in Mizoram and 87.75 percent in Tripura. The literacy rate of Tripura in 2011 was 87.75 per cent, higher than the national average 74.04 per cent, and third best among all the states. Tripura ranked 6th in Human Development Index (HDI) among 35 states and union territories of India, according to 2006 estimate by India's Ministry of Women and Child Development ; the HDI of Tripura was ... According to 2011 census, Tripura is one of the most literate states in India with a literacy rate of 87.75%. In the year 2011, the rate of literacy was 87.75% that is higher as compared to the national literacy rate of 74.04%. Bengalis represented a major portion of the population of the state. The state has nineteen ethnic groups, as well as sub-groups with different cultures and languages.